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About Us

Innovative Storage Solutions

ezystorage® is a wholly owned Australian company and a global supplier of product ranges that cater for all storage related solutions within the houseware category.

The ezystorage® brand was created to meet the demands of customers looking for innovative storage solutions to feature in their stores and aligned their range with the changing consumer lifestyle and trends within the storage category.

Organise Everyday Life

Organise Everyday Life

In a world where living space is at a premium, being more organised is a growing lifestyle change. Our vision is to organise everyday life by creating and delivering innovative sustainable storage solutions through design for the home.

We also believe that sustainabilty should be accessable and affordable to everyone. Thus our tagline: Life Sorted.

"Our vision is to organise everyday life by creating and delivering innovative storage and plastic household products at an affordable price."

Designed in Australia

Completely locally designed

High Quality

Premium products built to impress and last

BPA Free

Safe storage without harmful BPA


Sustainable style with recyclable containers.

Our Products

Our Products

Our team of motivated designers, engineers and buyers are dedicated to delivering high quality products to both our local and international partners in the categories of Storage, Organisation, Laundry, Decorative, Kitchen, Waste bins and Vacuum Storage bags.

Design, Innovation and Engineering

Sustainable design optimizes the needs of people and the planet whilst achieving commercial objectives in areas such as innovation, aesthetics, and affordability, to maximise the return on investment for all stakeholders.

Sustainability for us means caring and questioning what happens to our products at the end of their life. We have built in waste led design thinking at every step of the process:


We look at sustainable alternatives at the material level, and do end of life analysis on potential materials.


We prioritise designing with mono-materials, create timeless designs and design for disassembly.


We design for durability using minimal materials and optimize packaging and stacking to minimize shipping volume.