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Create more space

Insta Space vacuum bags are a revolutionary storage solution that provides an instant and convenient way to declutter and maximize space in your home. With its unique vacuum sealing technology, these bags help to compress and preserve your clothing, bedding, or any other items, freeing up space in your closets, drawers, and even luggage.

Valve System

Experience effortless, reliable vacuum storage with our exclusive engineered valve system.

Compression Film

X Guard film is expertly crafted for compression, providing superior protection and durability.

Secure Zip

Double Seal Zip with Closing Slider ensures a secure and airtight seal every time.

Storage Bag Types

Instant storage in the home

Protect clothes and bedding and store them in a fraction of the space around the home. Insta Space is a storage solution that instantly creates more space in your home.

With it’s advanced engineered valve system, our bags compress your clothes and bedding making it easier to store more items in your wardrobe, cupboard or under your bed.

Insta space also protects your belongings from mildew, water, dirt / dust, insects and odours. The Insta Space range comes in a variety of size. Great for keeping your items clean and your home tidy.

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