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The Perfect Heavy Duty Tub

The IP65 rating on this heavy-duty tub guarantees top-notch protection against dust and water splashes, making it suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Bunker Tough tub can withstand harsh conditions.

IP65 Certification

Protects against solid objects (dust, sand, dirt, etc) and liquids

Wide Grip Handles

Secure your belongings with a heavy-duty tub featuring a six-point latch lid and reinforced base. Relax knowing your items are protected.

Our first purposeful designed for certified PCR

Our first purposeful designed for certified PCR

Bunker Tough Heavy Duty Storage Range

• Our first 100% recycled Bunker range in
recycled plastic has avoided 582mT CO2e
(metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions)
• Data is using Gigaton calculator

Equivalences of saving 582mT CO2e

• Equiv to charging 70.9mil smartphones
• Equiv to CO2 sequestered by 690 acres of forest
• Equiv to energy use of 73.4 US homes for one year
• Equiv to consuming 65.5K gal gasoline
• Equiv to 1447K miles driving by a gas powered car
• Equiv to 1350 barrels of oil consumed

Stepping into the future

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Sustainability is at the centre of our DNA which enabled us to produce our first 100% recycled content range.

Efficient Storage Solutions with Trays and Boxes

Discover the convenience of customized storage with a heavy-duty tub featuring a range of compartments and storage options to fit your unique needs. Say goodbye to cluttered, disorganized storage and hello to efficient, hassle-free organization.