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3 Tips to Declutter Your House Before Christmas

October 6th, 2022
3 Tips to Declutter Your House Before Christmas
Christmas is a time of giving, entertaining and essentially, filling our homes with new and sometimes unwanted or needed items. Before you add more stuff take some time out to declutter. Not only will you create more space, but you might just be able to make someone else's Christmas by donating your no longer needed items.

Go through the pantry

When was the last time that you went through your pantry? Often, we buy more and more meaning that food starts to pile up. If you don't have everything stored neatly, you may purchase multiples without even realising it, or miss best before dates. Firstly, pull everything out and assess what you have. If there is anything that you won't use or you have too much of, consider donating these products to one of the various charities collecting food for those who need it most like the Salvation Army Restock your pantry using Ezy Storage's Brickor Baskets. These come in a range of sizes and help to keep the pantry neat and tidy. You can also use these baskets to segment things like canned items, grains, confectionary, etc.

Organise the kids play space

Most children have numerous toys that they no longer play with. Before you add new items to their growing toy collection this Christmas, take the opportunity to declutter and donate no longer used items to those less fortunate. If there are any broken or damaged toys, chuck them away! Once you've sorted through what you're keeping, neatly pack away all of the other items in one of our brightly coloured Dumpster Tubs. The robust design and thick wall sections means it's able to withstand the rough-and-tough of playtime and they even have wheels!

Castaway unused Christmas ornaments

If you've been storing your old Christmas decorations for years, you're bound to have a few broken, discoloured or shabby decorations. Have a quick scan and discard any items that you no longer use. If you've been saving some to pass along to the kids when they're all grown up now may be the time. Now you'll be able to pack up all of your Christmas items with ease once the silly season is over!
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